Dating Russian Women – Some Actionable Insights You Are Better to Use

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Dating Russian Women

As one Russian poet wrote, "For the insight of Russia you should not use your brain". This is a truly huge and mysterious country, whose citizens have a specific mentality, a sense of humor, an approach to solving life's difficulties, and a way of thinking.

However, there is one more thing that makes Russia stand out on the world map, and that is not its huge area. This is the natural and unique beauty of the girls who live in the vast expanses of this state - from Rostov to Vladivostok. Therefore, you will have many places to find your Russian wife, and this guide will help you do it quickly and efficiently.

Russian Brides & Foreign Grooms  - Top Qualities Making Russan Girls a Good Choice

The beauty of Russian ladies has long been known and recognized by the whole world, but this is not the only reason why every year more and more foreigners visit this country for the purpose of romantic tourism. What’s more, in Russia, the word "romantic" is not synonymous with the word "frivolous", since Russian women for marriage have marriage as their goal.

Plus, they have personality traits that make them highly coveted in the international romance market.

  • They are family-focused. These girls rarely share the childfree and family-free approach. For them, a happy and complete family is one of the spheres of self-realization. Having a happy family is extremely important in Russian society, and young Russian girls learn this value from childhood. They also love children, but as a rule, they are limited to one or two children in order to be able to give them the right upbringing, quality education, and a decent start in life.
  • They are great housewives. Recently, the majority of Russian women share the idea that a man can also take part in everyday housekeeping. However, the skill to effectively cope with household chores is inherited by these girls, since previously it was exclusively a female prerogative. They also cook excellently, and Russian cuisine is far from the limit. Many women love to cook and pamper their families with delicious and healthy food at the same time.
  • Hot Russian brides are always striving for self-development. Becoming the best version of yourself day after day is one of the goals of these girls. They strive to get better in terms of both personal and professional development. That is why most girls want to build a successful career, but not at the expense of their family. They know how to balance between these two facets of a fulfilling life. They also have a variety of hobbies, including sports, intellectual, and creative activities. Therefore, you will hardly be bored if you meet Russian women.

Looking for a Wife in Russia - 3 Possible Options

Dating Russian Women

Are you ready to start a relationship with beautiful Russian women? You have three paths to choose from.

  • Visit Russia. Before the outbreak of the pandemic, this option could have been a worthy gamble. Even if you did not meet your fate on the street, you would not regret this trip - Russia is a country with a very rich historical, cultural, and spiritual heritage. However, the pandemic changed this plan, and now the borders of Russia remain closed to most foreign citizens. And the chance to meet the woman of your fate by chance is also small, although it does exist.
  • Start searching on social media. Social media may seem like a worthy alternative, especially taking into account the high share of users from Russia. However, in this case, you will have to search almost blindly, plus there is a risk of encountering fake profiles, scammers, and already married girls.
  • Use the best Russian dating sites. This is perhaps the best strategy as it is effective, simple, and safe at the same time. There are many platforms that offer to meet Russian singles, in which case you can be more sure that the girls' profiles are authentic and the girls themselves are real. Plus, the cost of such a service is quite affordable, and only you decide how much you are comfortable spending at the start of the relationship.

Russian Girls Priorities and Values Inherent in Their Mentality

Russian mail order wives are in great demand on the international online dating market since their family values and priorities perfectly match the ones most men on the Earth would like to see in their life partners. Below are some of the most essential ones:

  • Family is the most important thing. As we have already said, these girls consider the family an important unit of society and strive to ensure that their family is happy, healthy, wealthy, and self-sufficient. To this end, they are ready to invest their time and efforts in developing relationships with their husbands, strengthening marriage, and raising children in love and respect.
  • The husband is still in charge. They also believe that the man is responsible for his family. There is a rule here according to which the husband must fully meet the financial needs of the family, however, most Russian brides share the idea that the budget should be common, the contribution to it should be equal, and the financial decisions made jointly. Also, do not forget that these women also believe that careers are important, which means they are ready to make a financial contribution to the development of the family as well. 
  • Children deserve the best. Most Russian women agree that children deserve the best, that is, worthy upbringing, love, respect, education, health, and financial stability. They are ready to work for the future of their children and expect the same commitment from their fathers. 
  • Visiting relatives is obligatory. Of course, if we talk about the frequency and scale of family gatherings, then Latin women are the greatest supporters of such events. However, Russian girls also find it important to keep in touch with relatives, including distant ones. In Russian culture, it is customary to celebrate large-scale holidays with the whole family and to visit their relatives in other cities. So, get ready to learn a lot more about the Russian mentality and family life. Meetings with your Russian wife's relatives are likely to be frequent and noisy.

Nevertheless, all the features that we have listed above indicate a strong commitment to Russian mail order brides to family values. This is what makes them popular and unique. Combining beauty, femininity, courage, and wisdom, these women will be a worthy choice for many foreigners. And you are most likely no exception, so let's move on to the practical part of our guide.

Approaching the First Date - Your Winning Strategy

Russian Girls

Russian dating has its own specifics you should be aware of. There are some simple rules that are accepted in the culture of Russian dating, and you should follow them so that your first date does not become the last. Just imagine - you have already spent a lot of time communicating, convinced that you like a woman and she suits you according to your life beliefs, and then one unforeseen little thing on the first date will ruin the whole positive impression. This cannot be allowed, therefore:

  • Let your Russian bride choose the place of the first date. This way, you show that you trust her choice, and she will feel more comfortable in the familiar environment.
  • Invite the girl to order first and ask the waiter to repeat her choice. By doing this, you show her that you share her taste and win even more of her affection.
  • Speak on casual topics and do not touch on controversial issues such as each of your’s past, religion, and politics. You will still have time to discuss this, and the first date is not the right moment.
  • Praise her knowledge of your language and ask her to teach you a few phrases in Russian. This will not only be useful and fun but also show your interest in her culture.
  • Never, no, not even like that, NEVER offer a Russian girl to split the bill. This approach works well in Europe, partially works in America, but in Russia, it will be a complete failure. Here, your willingness to pay the bill is a kind of signal of your willingness to provide for the reasonable needs of the family, and the offer to share it will be perceived as incorrigible greed and pettiness. Even if the woman insists on paying in half, don't let her.

Real-Life Love Stories With Russian Brides Involved

Seeking your destiny abroad is not a new practice. Many men and women have already built a happy family, once allowing themselves to take risks and step out of their comfort zone, and you can do that too.

Here are some stories from real users.

"Honestly, I was extremely skeptical about online dating, but one meeting turned my life upside down. Anastasia made me happy, and I can no longer imagine my life without her. I went to her in Moscow, the next time we met in New York and she agreed to stay with me forever. " - says Adam.

"It was difficult for me to decide on this step, but I had to admit that men from Russia either have no prospects or are already married. Therefore, I decided to become a mail-order bride, and there was not a day that I regretted it. I met Nicholas three months later after registering on the site and immediately realized that I could trust him. Two years later, we are married and expecting a baby."- Anna shared her story.

Is Russian Online Dating Legal?

Of course, yes! Otherwise, this approach would not have been so popular all over the world. Otherwise, thousands of men from all over the world could not ask - why are Russian women so beautiful? And could not get an answer to their question.

Fortunately, Russian online dating is completely legitimate and transparent. By registering on a special platform, you get access to thousands of proven and single women, plus the agency supports you at every stage of relationship development. You can give your girlfriend gifts, make phone calls, use the help of an interpreter and even get an all-inclusive service - meeting your girlfriend in Russia with full legal support of your trip! It seems like it's time for you to get started.

Matching Your Russian Bride Expectations

So, you have already learned a lot about the mysterious nature of Russian women, and now it's time to find out what criteria they have in choosing their future partner for life. An ideal husband for a Russian girl should be:

  • Kind. Russia is a bit of a totalitarian country, and kindness is held in high esteem here. Your kindness and sincerity can become a huge competitive advantage and overcome many of the shortcomings (which everyone has).
  • Reliable. These girls want to feel a strong male shoulder next to them. They want to connect their lives with a man who will support them in any difficult situation, and they will always reciprocate.
  • Financially stable. Note that stable is not synonymous with fabulously rich. These girls are not looking for easy money, they are looking for stability in family life and prosperity for future children. Plus, they are always willing to work towards that goal as well.
  • Caring. Russian society may seem indifferent, and there will be some truth in this. Therefore, these women want their husbands to be caring and involved in family affairs.
  • Attentive and generous with compliments. Sexy Russian women know that they are beautiful and attractive, but their goal is to be such for the main man in their life. Therefore, be attentive, notice her new hairstyle and tell her it suits her. Come up with compliments for your Russian woman sincerely, on every suitable occasion.

Is Dating Women From Russia Expensive?

Expensive and cheap are always relative concepts that can only be correctly evaluated in comparison with some second thing or factor. For instance:

  • Meeting Russian girls on social networks is always cheaper than using specialized dating platforms. However, be aware of the risks and ineffectiveness of social media if you are looking for a girl with serious intentions on both sides.
  • Meeting Russian girls on proven dating platforms is always cheaper than real dates with your girlfriends' girlfriends, work colleagues, and any other girls you might hook up with at home.
  • The cost of membership on different dating platforms can also differ, as well as the scope of functions included in the subscription. Therefore, you need to be careful with your choice. The goal is to find a verified site with good reviews, a large and equal number of male and female users, and a reasonable price.

And the most important! Only you will decide how much you are comfortable paying for the opportunity to communicate with potential Russian wives. You can always stay within your budget, but still, have a good chance of dating the bride of your dreams.

Find Your Destined Russian Wife Step by Step

So, you are almost there. You just have to take a few simple steps to get as close as possible to the woman of your dreams. Here they are.

Dating Women
  • Choose a dating platform or agency that you find the most reliable. To do this, read user reviews, compare prices for services, and choose the most reasonable option in terms of price and quality. Pay attention to the authenticity of the profiles according to the reviews of other men. Ideally, the question like “are mail order brides real” shouldn't even arise.
  • Register on the site. As a rule, it is free and does not take more than a few minutes. Next, fill out your profile, add a couple of good photos and this stage will be over. And don't forget to write a few lines about you - this will attract the most suitable women to your profile.
  • Next, find out who you want to start chatting with. Most dating sites and applications are equipped with a smart algorithm that offers you a companion by goals and interests. Take this opportunity to save time.
  • Communicate naturally and be yourself. Be honest with the girls you interact with, but at the same time, be respectful, do not give vulgar compliments, or embarrass the girl with excessive persistence. For example, you may tell her that she is pretty and ask about her interests. 
  • Continue chatting with the most suitable girls. In this case, intuition is the best advisor. You will quickly understand who is really right for you and who is meant for someone else.

Dating Russian girls is not as difficult as it may seem. What’s more, the major part of them is focused on the creation of a strong family and they have an excellent potential for making the man near them happy and satisfied. You are already on the right track and we wish your search to be successful!